Class Information


Zhan Zhuang class information

Typical Zhan Zhuang class

A typical class lasts for one hour.  We begin with gentle warming up exercises involving stretching and light movements.  Next we spend some time doing breathing exercises in order to promote energy flow and prepare for the chi kung exercises.  The bulk of the class is spent performing a series of static postures, generally in a standing position.  The level of difficulty of the posture is tailored and adjusted to meet the needs and capacity of each student.  We may also perform walking chi kung exercises and do some work with partners.
No special clothing is necessary in order to train.  Shoes and jewellery are removed prior to training and loose, comfortable clothing is recommended.  

Times of classes

There is a Zhan Zhuang class every Wednesday evening from 19.00 to 20.00.  We run special one-day weekend courses throughout the year and the dates of these will be announced on our website.  See under "Upcoming courses" for more information.